Santa Margarita International Rules Conference (SMIRC)

April 4-5, 2020

This conference will be an introduction to the “THIMUN” style of debate that is done at conferences outside of the United States. For this conference you will write resolutions for both topics before the conference. The resolutions are due March 22nd to your class learning portal.

Delegate Guide

This delegate guide will give you an overview of how to prepare for the conference. We will be simulating the CCPCJ Committee (The Commission of Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice)

Topic A - Rehabilitation of Prisoners

You should do your own research on this topic but this background guide should be helpful as a starting point. We recommend the Introductory Handbook on the Prevention of Recidivism and the Social Reintegration of Offenders from the UNODC.

Topic B - Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System

This is the background guide for Topic B. Both topics will be discussed equally and you need to write a resolution for both topics. Just because this is labeled topic “B” doesn’t mean it will be less important. The UNODC has some excellent resources for this topic. Education for Justice for MUN E4JMUN